Six On Saturday 14-07-18

The weather, as you will know, continues to be hot and dry. Apparently some locations did have a downpour yesterday – we were not one. The watering will need to continue – now been made more difficult having had knee surgery on Wednesday.

  1. The first of the tomatoes that are ripening. The plants are heavily fruited but most are still very green at the moment. As is the way, these are on one of the plants where the label has disappeared so I have no idea which cherry type these are.


2. This is the largest of our chilli fruit so far. We have around 10 different types of peppers – some sweet and some hot. This fruit is on our Carolina Reaper plant, so should be hot, hot, hot!


3. Cucumelon. Apparently a cross between a cucumber and a melon. I have no idea what these will taste like, but, they look cute!


4. Lilies. Giant Tower Lilies I think. They have a special meaning to me and Hubby. They are around 5 feet tall and smell beautiful.


5. ‘Double Pirouette’ Petunias. These we grew from seed. We have them in this purple and also a rose pink colour.


6. Cactus Dahlia (with a visitor). Again, these were grown from seed.



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Garden Perscription

This year has been a strange one so far for us. My health has not always been good and it really has been one thing after another.

I’m currently not at work as I have now managed to hurt my left knee. I have no idea how. It started about five weeks ago now and I finally gave in about ten days ago and went to see my GP for what feels like the hundredth time this year.

I have been ordered to rest. They hope that rest will enable the swelling to go down and then they can investigate the cause. I know, it’s age!

Rest. Hmmm. Explicitly banned from kneeling too. Great for getting out of the household chores but not for weeding.  I’m glad I managed a good, thorough session before the ban came into operation!

So. Here I am. The weather is exceptional. I am sat in the garden with the laptop. I will go for a hobble around the place soon. At least I can still take photos!  It is true what they say. Being outside really does help your mental health.


Six On Saturday 02-06-18

Another very tardy post. I am always full of the very best intentions and then life, the kids and the garden get in the way.  Still, better late than never I think.

Tomato plants
Winter (!!) Pansies
My first ever Digitalis.
Roses and Honeysuckle.
Stag Beetle. Dive bombed my head!



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Six On Saturday 26-05-18

Meme from  The Propogator

A sneaky night away with Hubby gave us the opportunity to discover a small, but lovely, wildlife part near Bristol (

The animals were well cared for and the park was well kept.  What I found was also a variety of wonderfully pretty flowers around the site and could not resist a photograph or six.


The highlight for us though was the Tower Meadow.


Six On Saturday 19-05-18

1. A promise of fruit.

The last week has seen an enormous change in the garden, particularly when it comes to the fruit.  We are promised strawberries (Just add cream), gooseberries (no idea on type as its rescued from an abandoned allotment, and some blueberries (Duke). The garden also houses a red gooseberry, grape, blackberry and blackberry plants. They are not quite worthy of a place in the Six yet. Our raspberry canes have done nothing – still bear sticks with no sigh of life.




2. Alliums

So delightful after the demise of the tulips. I had no idea that there was so many types of Allium, or Ornamental Onion (far too common-a-name for such beautiful flowers).

Allium stipitatum ‘Mount Everest’ allium ‘Mount Everest’

Nectaroscordum siculum Sicilian honey garlic

Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ Dutch garlic ‘Purple Sensation’

3.  The last week has also seen the emergence of the Iris. Planted last year as bulbs, they have proved to be bright and a contrast against the green.

Iris laevigata Japanese iris

Iris ‘White Swirl’ (Sib)  Siberian iris ‘White Swirl’ (I think I’ve got the right Iris name?! Feel free to advise me differently!)

4.  The rose that we inherited when we bought the house is already in bloom. It smells as good as it looks.

5. The potatoes have just exploded. We’ve bags with earlies, second earlies and then the main crop.

6. Aquilegia – again.

Having been so please with the one(!) Aquilegia plant that has flowered in the garden, I am pleased to announce that the babies are on their way!


So there you are, until next time.  Do make sure that you pop over to the main man‘s page to see more wonderful images of nature’s season!

Six On Saturday 12-05-18

Apologies for my tardiness this weekend. I spent yesterday in the rain working on the garden, followed by a hot bath and a cold beer.  Today seems more promising weather wise.

The garden has definitely began its full wake up chorus and despite the demise of the tulips, there is much going on.

  1. Last year we planted some very small Aquilegia plants; they did nothing. This year the first of those is now flowering and it is beautiful!  I have around 30 seedlings of Aquilegia varieties that I have germinated this year. So, hopefully, this time next year there will be a riot!


2. A lovely flower that has arrived on the stalk of a bulb. We have about a dozen of these. I can not remember what they are, so I’ve used one of those funky apps on my phone to attempt to find its name. The best it could do is tell me that it is a type of allium….


3. I think that Hostas are possibly a ‘marmite’ plant. People I have spoken to either love them, or hate them. Personally, I love them and for the shady areas of our patio they work just fine. I have slightly, only slightly (!) over indulged in many varieties of bare root plant that are now starting to show.


4. Another type of Allium from the garden. Love it! The colour, the height, so majestic.


5. Clematis ‘montana’, with a Pyracantha ‘orange glow’ for company. At the end of our garden we have a wildflower ‘meadow’ along with various bug and bee accommodation.  Looking forward to the expanse of colours and smells that will be here in the summer.


6. Finally, a remnant of the previous house owners. I believe it to be a Peony. Its looking like it will feature here again soon; once the buds have opened.


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Six On Saturday 28-04-18

Finally, I have managed to get to the computer with time enough to write this post on a Saturday. I’ve taken lots of photos over the last few weeks, always with a determination to get them posted, only to realise on Sunday morning that I just never got around to it.

I’m pretty new to this gardening lark. My Mother was always out the back pottering around or over the allotment with Dad, weeding and tidying. I never understood the attraction…. until last year. Since then I haven’t stopped and I have to admit I feel much better for it.

So, finally, here are my first Six On Saturday.

1. Parrot Tulips

Never knew they existed until a wander around a garden centre last Autumn. I really like their delicate looking nature. Will definitely be increasing their numbers for next Spring.

2. More Tulips.

Again, a purchase whilst visiting a garden centre. Love them, but can’t remember what they’re called. Answers on a postcard please!

3. Fruit and Herbs.

This is our place for some of our fruits and herbs.

4. More Tulips.

Just beautiful.

5. An Anemone, I think?!

Such a contrast from the green….

6. BlackBerry Cascade.

Experimenting this year with hanging baskets. Others will contain strawberries and Tumbling Toms.

One thing I have learnt is that I need to make more notes as to what I am planting and where. A year later and I can’t remember at all!

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