Six On Saturday 14-07-18

The weather, as you will know, continues to be hot and dry. Apparently some locations did have a downpour yesterday – we were not one. The watering will need to continue – now been made more difficult having had knee surgery on Wednesday.

  1. The first of the tomatoes that are ripening. The plants are heavily fruited but most are still very green at the moment. As is the way, these are on one of the plants where the label has disappeared so I have no idea which cherry type these are.


2. This is the largest of our chilli fruit so far. We have around 10 different types of peppers – some sweet and some hot. This fruit is on our Carolina Reaper plant, so should be hot, hot, hot!


3. Cucumelon. Apparently a cross between a cucumber and a melon. I have no idea what these will taste like, but, they look cute!


4. Lilies. Giant Tower Lilies I think. They have a special meaning to me and Hubby. They are around 5 feet tall and smell beautiful.


5. ‘Double Pirouette’ Petunias. These we grew from seed. We have them in this purple and also a rose pink colour.


6. Cactus Dahlia (with a visitor). Again, these were grown from seed.



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Author: Debbie's garden UK

Twitter @debbiesgardenuk

13 thoughts on “Six On Saturday 14-07-18”

  1. Very beautiful pictures the last 2! This petunia is unusual and charming! About cucumbers, this is the first year for me too and I picked up the first one yesterday. It has a cucumber taste. It’s funny! I think yours in the picture is a good size (like a grape seed) because if they are too big, they would have a bitter taste

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  2. Beautiful flowers – love that petunia. Our first year for cucumelon as well. I’m trying to learn when they’re ripe & still haven’t found one that tastes like something I’d want to eat. My son says they taste like cucumbers & Fred the French Gardener adds that they’ve got a bit of lime to their flavour. Will be interested to see what you think about yours. Tomatoes look great, btw.


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